Voces de los Leones

When I raise my hand in any class, the teachers smile.  The teachers know me, I don't think I would get that at any other school.  I love the people here, and I'm happy to say that they love me too.

- Ava E., Former NDPA Student

NDPA is like a family during school, after school activities, and being able to go to Spain all as one family.

- Payton C., 9th grade

I like the diversity of people (students and teachers) and the interactions between people.

- Talmage R., 9th grade

I like the way the teachers push us to be our very best. They give us hints about where to go without just telling us.

- Nahum T., 9th grade

Experiencing NDPA for 5 years has been crazy amazing; learning differently and having amazing teachers - - they help you with anything. I love it because NDPA is a challenge for me and others.

- Alexis H., 9th grade

I like coming to NDPA because it gives me new opportunities where I can learn and grow. You need knowledge and if you come here, you will gain knowledge you need for the future.

- Lily Mae E., 8th grade

“I was super prepared for high school, I’m so glad I went to NDPA; I miss it.”

- Former NDPA Jr. High Student

I like the teachers at NDPA because they push you to be the best you can be.

- Tristin K., 9th grade

I like how teachers are able to recognize what type of student you are, or will become. NDPA being a bilingual school gives us an opportunity to learn a new language and gives us new learning experiences.

- Cami L., 9th grade

If students were birds
And our school was the Salt Lake
We would stop for help.
We would never forget what the lake did for us.

- Brighton F., 9th grade