Voces de los Leones

NDPA is like a family during school, after school activities, and being able to go to Spain all as one family.

- Payton C., 9th grade

Experiencing NDPA for 5 years has been crazy amazing; learning differently and having amazing teachers - - they help you with anything. I love it because NDPA is a challenge for me and others.

- Alexis H., 9th grade

I like the teachers at NDPA because they push you to be the best you can be.

- Tristin K., 9th grade

When I raise my hand in any class, the teachers smile.  The teachers know me, I don't think I would get that at any other school.  I love the people here, and I'm happy to say that they love me too.

- Ava E., Former NDPA Student

I like coming to NDPA because it gives me new opportunities where I can learn and grow. You need knowledge and if you come here, you will gain knowledge you need for the future.

- Lily Mae E., 8th grade

If students were birds
And our school was the Salt Lake
We would stop for help.
We would never forget what the lake did for us.

- Brighton F., 9th grade

“I was super prepared for high school, I’m so glad I went to NDPA; I miss it.”

- Former NDPA Jr. High Student

I like how teachers are able to recognize what type of student you are, or will become. NDPA being a bilingual school gives us an opportunity to learn a new language and gives us new learning experiences.

- Cami L., 9th grade

I like the way the teachers push us to be our very best. They give us hints about where to go without just telling us.

- Nahum T., 9th grade

I like the diversity of people (students and teachers) and the interactions between people.

- Talmage R., 9th grade