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Our Focus: Spanish Language & Culture

North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA) is a public charter school in Layton with a Spanish language focus for students in grades K-9. Every NDPA student studies Spanish and experiences learning with international teachers.

NDPA is Utah’s first International Spanish Academy. The Ministry of Education of Spain awarded this prestigious honor to us in 2010. The criteria to receive this designation are very high, and NDPA is proud of our commitment to the high standards of Spanish language and culture instruction required for this honor.

Our Educator Licensing Information

Within the state of Utah there are three types of educator licenses, these consist of Professional, Associate and Local Educational Agency (LEA) specific licenses. NDPA employees educators of all three types of licenses and a variety of educational endorsements. For the SY2022-23 the breakout of our licensed educators is 66.90% Professional Licenses, 19.01% LEA licenses, 12.50% Associate Licenses and 1.59% Non-Licensed. For more information about Utah educator licensing visit the following; and to look up an educator use the following link

NDPA is a Public Charter School

  1. All NDPA teachers hold valid Utah Educator Licenses or equivalent as authorized by the Utah State Office of Education and are highly qualified for their teaching assignments.

  2. Admission to NDPA is done through a lottery system. A charter school is part of the public education system and must be open to all students without discrimination. If the number of students applying to enroll in a charter school exceeds the capacity of the school, those students are chosen at random from among the applicants.

  3. Parent involvement is a crucial element in student success. NDPA encourages families to volunteer when they can. One of the greatest differences between a charter school and a public school is the relationship between the families and the school. Our parents provide special activities, assistance in the classrooms, and extra help with school activities. Parents are the backbone of NDPA.

  4. The parent organization at NDPA is "POET." Just like a PTA or PTO, our POET helps organize special activities for our school and advocate for our students. All parents of NDPA students are members, and no dues are required.

  5. NDPA has a dress code policy. Parents are notified of uniform requirements prior to enrollment.

Additional Information About Charter Schools:

  1. Charter School USA
  2. Utah State Charter School Board

Our Vision

North Davis Preparatory Academy students develop a love of learning, experience high academic achievement, and enjoy high bi-literate proficiency.

Our Core Values

  • We prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child.
  • We nurture curiosity, self-discipline, and the courage to act on our own thoughts and dreams.
  • All interactions between students, teachers, staff, and parents are based on honesty, trust, and respect.
  • We are a community that embraces differences in our languages, cultures, religions, and abilities.

Our End Statements

  • All students will produce exceptional work.
  • All students will utilize autonomous learning skills taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • All students will demonstrate personal and social responsibility.
  • All students will fluently communicate in the Spanish language with a native speaker.

Our Agreement with Spain

We have been designated as an International Spanish Academy by the Ministry of Education of Spain because of our commitment to teaching the Spanish language and the quality of our instruction.

NDPA is a Military Friendly School

North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA), a Spanish Language Immersion K-9 Charter school, is located just south of Hill AFB and is proud to be a Military Friendly School. Our school has always enjoyed a long standing connection to both active and retired military members and their dependents in the community. Due to our location and the strength of our programs many military families make NDPA the school of choice for their children. We welcome military families to visit our campus and are familiar with the challenges of PCSing, deployments and associated service stress on students.

Hill AFB School Liaison Officer
Office phone 801-775-5960

School Charter

North Davis Preparatory Academy was authorized by the Utah State Charter School Board and the Utah State Board of Education in March 2007. The Charter Application describes the program of instruction, school goals, and academic offerings while enjoying high bi-literate proficiency.

Please note, the policies and bylaws contained in NDPA’s original charter application are subject to change by the governing board. To view the school’s current policies, go to the Policies & Procedures page.

  1. Charter Application (pdf)
  2. Charter Amendment 2007 (pdf)
  3. Charter Amendment 2009 (pdf)
  4. Charter Amendment 2017 (pdf)
  5. Charter School Agreement (pdf)
  6. NDPA Welcome Presentation (pptx)
  7. NDPA Title I (pptx)