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Mar 08, 2018

Ryan Robinson

Soccer Team Announcement

Thank you to all the students who tried out Tuesday. We had so many great students tryout that it has been very difficult to come to a decision. We will see the players listed below at practice on Monday, March 12, 3:30-4:30 PM. Please turn in your athletics forms to the front office as soon as you can.


Coach Berzal – Coach Mateo


  1. Kayden S.
  2. Max B.
  3. Ethan C.
  4. Taylor K.
  5. Yahier V.
  6. Leo P.
  7. Aaron D.
  8. Jadon F.
  9. Emerson K.
  10. Roman M.
  11. Ian R.
  12. Arturo P.
  13. Erick R.
  14. Easton G.
  15. Venezia R.
  16. Leticia L.
  17. Isabella G.
  18. Daniela R.
  19. Samantha S.
  20. Syepris H.
  21. Jacee M.
  22. Quinnley N.