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Feb 23, 2018

Ryan Robinson

NDPA…¡Qué Pasa! – February 23, 2018


  • Parent Teacher Conferences, March 7 & 8
  • Future 7th graders Immunization Clinic
  • Scholastic Book Fair during PTC
  • Mid-Year Clothing Sale during PTC
  • You get a REWARD for entering your Volunteer Hours!
  • School Uniform Reminder
  • Art Auction – Tickets on sale now!
  • Jr. High Yearbook – Your pictures wanted
  • 2018-19 POET Board Applications now being accepted
  • Box Tops – Get them in!
  • Upcoming Events
  • Annual Calendar & Quick Links

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES – Parent Teacher Conferences are coming March 7 & 8. Please note, students will be released early (like the Friday schedule) both days.

  • Kindergarten-6th grade students
    • Student led open house, Wednesday, March 7, from 2:00 to 7:00 PM.
    • Thursday, March 8, by appointment only – please see your teacher if you would like to schedule a time to meet regarding your student.
  • 7th-9th grade students

FUTURE 7th GRADERS IMMUNIZATION CLINIC – Davis County Health will be doing an immunization clinic in the Jr. High gym during PTC on Wednesday, March 7, from 3:00-7:30 PM. Many insurances can be billed or, uninsured students are eligible to receive required vaccines for a reduced price. Please bring current copy of immunizations, insurance card, and/or cash or check.

Did you know that 7th graders need shots before they can start junior high? Tdap, Meningicoccal, and Varicella (chicken pox) are all required vaccines for 7th grade.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR DURING PTC – THE SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR is headed your way! VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! The Scholastic Book Fair will be held March 7 & 8, during Parent Teacher Conferences. The Book Fair helps earn books for both our NDPA libraries.

  • Parent Volunteers are needed to help setup and run the Book Fair. Sign up today at
    • Setup will be Friday, March 2, after school.
    • Volunteers are also needed March 7 & 8, from 11:30 AM-7:30 PM each day.

MID-YEAR CLOTHING SALE DURING PTC – How did that shirt get too small? Where did that hole come from? What happened to your hoodie?! If you find yourself asking these questions then we have good news! There will be a POET Uniform Sale on Wednesday, March 7, from 1:30-7:00 PM and Thursday, March 8, from 1:30-6:00 PM! Gently used uniforms (Shirts $2, Pants $3) and used NDPA Hoodies ($5) will be available. We will be accepting uniform donations (clean and hole free), but at this sale we will ONLY be selling POET owned clothes. Contact/text Katherine (801-725-2557) with any questions.

REWARD FOR ENTERING YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS! Have you filled out your volunteer application and logged your hours?

  • If YES, stop by the POET desk in the Elementary Building for a reward on Wednesday, March 7 when you come for Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • If NO, click on the link below to fill out the the Volunteer Application.

If you need computer access or support, stop by the POET Desk at the Elementary Bldg. on March 7, from 2:00-7:00 PM or email Tierra, the Volunteer Coordinator at,

SCHOOL UNIFORM REMINDER – Parents, we have noticed students pushing the boundaries of the school uniform policy in areas such as collared shirts, ripped pants, headbands, and, although red is a school color, it is not school appropriate for tights, leggings, or pants. If a student wears a uniform compliant hoodie, a collared uniform shirt must be worn underneath. While jeans are allowed on Fridays, with a spirit or uniform shirt, jeans may not have holes/rips in them, even if skin is not showing through. Ripped jeans may not be worn on Dollar Dress Days.

Students who are not in appropriate school uniform clothing/footwear/head wear will be asked to call home for new clothing starting next week. Please review the school uniform policy on the website here:


TICKETS ON SALE NOW! $25 per ticket gets you a lovely dinner and entrance to the greatest fundraising event ever! Buy tickets or donate here:

POET has chosen to make this event our largest fundraiser so our students don’t have to sell cookie dough, pizza, Wasatch Cards, or various other items door-to-door. This year we are raising money to purchase a security camera system for our buildings.

If you haven’t attended the art auction or are new to our school, check out this video to learn more:

JR. HIGH YEARBOOK – Fellow Photographers! We are in need of your Kodak moments for our yearbook!! We would LOVE for you to share with us:

  • Polar Plunge
  • Basketball Games boys and girls
  • National Jr Honor Society
  • 8th grade Ski Trip
  • 5K Walk/Run
  • Field trips

2018-19 POET BOARD APPLICATIONS – We need YOU to be “PART OF EVERY THING” (POET)!!! POET is now recruiting for the 2018-2019 Board. POET’s purpose is to be the “organizers, fundraisers, facilitators, volunteers, and enthusiastic cheering section at the programs and events that make NDPA unique and strong.”

BOX TOPS – Parents, keep sending in those Box Tops! It’s basically FREE MONEY for our school! There are collection spots at the POET desk in both schools. You can also enter them online at:


Monday, February 26 – 7th-9th grades Storytelling field trip, 8:30 AM
Monday, February 26 – AFTER SCHOOL: “Shrek” rehearsal; Mock Trial; Spirit Squad, 5:30 PM
Monday, February 26 – Basketball Finals, games at 5:00 & 6:00 PM
Monday, February 26 – Mock Trial Competition (A team), 5:30 PM
Tuesday, February 27 – AFTER SCHOOL: K-6 Choir; Spirit Squad, 4:00 PM
Tuesday, February 27 – Basketball Finals, games at 5:00 & 6:00 PM
Tuesday, February 27 – Real Life Parenting, 6:30 PM
Wednesday, February 28 – Mock Trial Competition (B team), 1:30 PM
Wednesday, February 28 – AFTER SCHOOL: Spirit Squad; “Shrek” rehearsal
Wednesday, February 28 – Basketball Finals, games at 5:00 & 6:00 PM
Thursday, March 1 – AFTER SCHOOL: Science in Action
Thursday, March 1 – Mini Spirit Squad, 3:30 PM, Elementary Gym
Thursday, March 1 – Community Council, 3:30 PM
Thursday, March 1 – 1st grade program, 6:00 PM
Friday, March 2 – Dollar Dress Day
Friday, March 2 – 2nd Trimester grades available in Aspire
Friday, March 2 – 4th, 5th, 6th grades UVU Language Fair
Friday, March 2 – 1st grade Dr. Seuss lunch with parents, 10:30 AM
Friday, March 2 – AFTER SCHOOL: “Shrek” rehearsal, Mock Trial
Friday, March 2 – Mini Spirit Squad, 1:30 PM
Saturday, March 3 – Spirit Squad, 7:00 AM

Monday, March 5 – Begin Trimester 3
Monday, March 5 – AFTER SCHOOL: “Shrek” rehearsal
Monday, March 5 – Teachers VS Students Basketball Games + Mini Spirit Squad performance
Monday, March 5 – Soccer Tryouts (weather permitting)
Tuesday, March 6 – AFTER SCHOOL: K-6 Choir
Tuesday, March 6 – Soccer Tryouts (weather permitting)
Tuesday, March 6 – Real Life Parenting, 6:30 PM
Tuesday, March 6 – Spain 2018 Parent Final Departure meeting, 6:30 PM
Wednesday, March 7 – Parent Teacher Conferences/EARLY RELEASE
Wednesday, March 7 – 7th grade immunization clinic
Wednesday, March 7 – Book Fair/Mid-year Clothing Sale
Thursday, March 8 – Parent Teacher Conferences/EARLY RELEASE
Thursday, March 8 – Book Fair/Mid-year Clothing Sale
Friday, March 9 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Comp Day
Friday, March 9 – NDPA LEO day @ Menchies in Layton
Saturday, March 10 – Spirit Squad, 7:00 AM
Saturday, March 10 – Science Olympiad Practice, 9:00 AM
Saturday, March 10 – Volleyball Skills, 2:30 PM


  • Spring Break, April 2-6
  • NDPA LEO Night, Monday, April 16
  • POET Annual Art Auction, Friday, April 20

NDPA ALERTS: Text “@k-4alerts” or “@5-9alerts” to 81010. If you have trouble using 81010, text (385) 218-6887.