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Oct 03, 2019

North Davis Preparatory Academy Board of Directors Position Available

North Davis Preparatory Academy Board of Directors requests all interested candidate submit a letter of intent and resume outlining their skills and qualifications to be a board member no later than 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 20th by email to:

Successful Candidates Must:
 Understand and support the Charter of NDPA (see NDPA website or Jr. High Office)
 Understand the importance of team leadership.
 Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Board Member
 Understand and support the NDPA Board Constitution.
 Must clear a background check.
 Be willing to attend meetings as required and fulfill responsibilities associated with the position.

A selection of candidates will be chosen and interviewed at a Board Meeting. The Board position(s) will be determined by a majority vote from the Board of Directors. The current Board Members will be making the final decision on new Board Member positions.

Please direct any questions to the Board Chair, Monte Poll ( or Dawn Kawaguchi (

 We will Govern, not Manage. We will set the direction and goals for the school, but we will not micromanage the day to day administration of the school.
 We will speak with "One Voice". We will recognize that our authority is only valid as a group and not as individuals. We will not use our position on the Board to promote our own personal agendas.
 We will make the Spanish language a key element of our school.
 We will make decisions that will keep NDPA financially stable.
 We will review our Charter before making any dramatic changes to school policy.