THANKSGIVING BREAK – Wednesday, November 22-Friday, November 24!


  • Hoodie update
  • Yearbooks
  • EcoGeeks want your plastic bags!
  • Science Fair
  • 2018 Polar Plunge
  • Jr. High Yearbook Cover Contest
  • Volunteer Hours
  • In the Classroom: CCA
  • Barnes & Noble – Winners & Thank you!
  • Upcoming Events
  • Annual Calendar & Quick Links

HOODIE UPDATE – Hoodie Update! Watch for hoodies to come home the first week of December! We have a larger order this year, which takes longer to fill. Thank you for your patience! Any questions, please contact Kristen Tate at

YEARBOOKS! Hurry and order your 2017-2018 yearbooks now, before prices go up.

Elementary yearbook $14, code 20030
Jr, High yearbook, $22, code 16104

Prices go up after Friday, December 22! *** NO YEARBOOKS WILL BE SOLD ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL***

Any questions or concerns please contact Emily Longoria at

ECOGEEKS – Ecogeeks are collecting plastic (grocery style) bags to make beds and pillows for the homeless. Please help as much as you can! Collection boxes will be located in the lobby of each building. Thanks for your help!

SCIENCE FAIR – It’s that time of year again! The 13th annual NDPA Science Fair. We have quite a reputation for being one of the best, as our performance at Weber State University showed last year. If your child loves science, please encourage them to enter. More information is available in the registration packet at this link: or ask Ms. Adams for more details,

2018 POLAR PLUNGE – It’s never too early to start planning for your plunge on Saturday, January 20, 2018! All students are invited to “TRY EVERYTHING” and jump in the Polar Plunge. Find sponsors who will pay you to take the plunge and that money can go toward your Spain Study Abroad now – no matter what grade you’re in!

JR. HIGH YEARBOOK COVER CONTEST – Attention all Jr. high artists!! We are having our yearly Yearbook Art Cover Contest for grades 7-8! We would love to have your entry in our contest. Please include the school year 2017-2018 and our school’s name in your design. You are welcome to use any art medium for your entry, it must be at least 8.5 X 11 in. and portrait style. The deadline is before the Christmas Break so get your creative vibes going! Please turn all entries in to the Jr, High office. Artwork will be returned.

JR HIGH YEARBOOK is looking for 10 year Veterans of NDPA! Has your child been roaming the halls of NDPA since Kindergarten? We would like to highlight them in the yearbook! Please bring your child’s Kindergarten picture to the office to be scanned for our “Then and Now” page. It’s fun to see how much they’ve grown and we’d like to have everyone’s photo on the page. If you have the class photo, bring it as well!

Hey, Shutterbugs!! We need your pictures for the yearbook! We are looking for any photos of our school activities that you have on your phone or camera.

  • download the HJeShare app from the app store (black with a green arrow),
  • go to code 1718 and upload your pics to our website
  • or email to

Show us what you have, we’d love to see your work!!

VOLUNTEERING AND ASSOCIATED HOURS – We are not using this year. POET will be using the new RAPTOR system that the school has for Checking In/Out. Until that is available, we are collecting volunteers the old fashioned way with the volunteer interest form at the POET desk or emailing POET members directly. PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL HOURS UNTIL WE CAN USE THE RAPTOR SYSTEM. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer, so please read the Qué Pasa announcements that are sent out every Friday to your email and also on Facebook. Thank you!

IN THE CLASSROOM: CCA – Family Consumer Science in the Classroom: The shorter week provided the perfect opportunity to execute a Family Consumer Science lesson. The students are using Mod Podge to create holiday decorative candles. The lesson included creative thinking, sequencing, following directions, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

BARNES & NOBLE DAY “I am Thankful for…” WINNERS and THANK YOU! – Many, many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who helped make our B&N Day a HUGE success. Mrs. Zost, Mrs. Beaulieu, Mrs. Anthony, Misty Anderson, Jim Anderson, Kailey Cornick, Haley Briggs, Thomas Briggs, Mason B. (for being the best LEGO table boss ever!), Tammy Boror, Jennifer Brannin, Sean Brannin, Heidy Zerr, Lourdes Mota, Jean Britton, Jenna Rojas, Diana Dearden, Jennifer Nicholson, AnneMaree Montgomery, Gayleen Ticay, Jamie Stone , and Kaitlynn Hogge, and our amazing NDPA Choir were all on hand to keep us entertained and busy with fun activities. Thank you! Thank you to everyone who came out or shopped online on Saturday – we will earn a gift card from B&N to use towards new books for our libraries. Watch for an update soon.

Thank you to all who entered the B&N Day “I am Thankful for…” contest. There were SO many great entries and it was so much fun to hear our students read their essays and see the wall covered in beautiful artwork on Saturday. Here is a list of the winners:

Kindergarten (AM)
1. Kaede H.
2. Layla L.
3. Berklee B.

Kindergarten (PM)
1. Natalia P.
2. Quentin D.
3. Sylvie H.

1st Grade
1. Madyson C.
2. Kai H.
3. Jane I., Eli R., Finleigh H.

2nd Grade
1.Dylan N.
2. Andrew S.
3. Ayia I., Henry J.

3rd Grade
1. William N.
2. Kambrie W.,
3. Sadie R., Seth S.

4th Grade
1. Joshua S.

5th Grade
1. Croydon C.
2. Mia S.
3. Ryker T.

6th Grade
1. Marquessa N.
2. Landon W.

8th Grade
1. Tristan S.

9th Grade
1. Syepris H.
2. Quinnley N


2nd Grade
1. Katherine H.
2, Andrew S.
3. Parker M., Karol G.

3rd Grade
1. Aleeya D.
2. Kambrie W.

4th Grade
1. Emma H.
2. Joshua S.

5th Grade
1. Brynna M.
2. Halleigh T.
3. Lilly H., Serena D., Alaina T.

6th Grade
1. Julia S.
1. Landon W.


Monday, November 27 – HOME Basketball games VS Ascent Academy; Girls at 5:00 PM, Boys at 6:00 PM
Tuesday, November 28 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Girls basketball, 3:30; Boys basketball, 4:00 PM; K-6 Choir
Wednesday, November 29 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Spirit Squad, 3:30 PM
Thursday, November 30 – AFTER-SCHOOL: K-6 STEM; Boys & Girls basketball
Friday, December 1 – Dollar Dress Day
Friday, December 1 – 1st grade field trip to Treehouse Museum, 8:30-11:30 AM
Friday, December 1 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Spirit Squad, 1:30 PM; Boys basketball, 3:30 PM
Saturday, December 2 – Spirit Squad, 7:00 AM

Monday, December 4 – AWAY Basketball games VS Ogden Prep; Girls at 5:00 PM, Boys at 6:00 PM
Monday, December 4 – K-6 Choir Performance, 6:30 PM at the elementary gym
Tuesday, December 5 – AWAY Basketball games VS Legacy Prep; Girls at 5:00 PM, Boys at 6:00 PM
Wednesday, December 6 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Spirit Squad, 3:30 PM
Wednesday, December 6 – NDPA Board meeting, 6:00 PM
Wednesday, December 6 – NDPA Storytelling Festival, 6:30 PM
Thursday, December 7 – AFTER-SCHOOL: K-6 STEM
Thursday, December 7 – HOME Basketball games VS Ascent Academy; Girls at 5:00 PM, Boys at 6:00 PM
Thursday, December 7 – Kindergarten program, 6:00 PM
Saturday, December 8 – Spirit Squad, 7:00 AM
Saturday, December 8 – Science Olympiad, 9:00 AM


  • 2nd & 6th grades Holiday Lunch with Parents – Thursday, December 14
  • Jr. High (7th-9th grades) Giving Dance – Friday, December 15
  • Last day to order yearbooks before price increase – Tuesday, December 19
  • Winter Break – Wednesday, December 20-Tuesday, January 2

NDPA ALERTS: Text “@k-4alerts” or “@5-9alerts” to 81010. If you have trouble using 81010, text (385) 218-6887.