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Nov 30, 2022

Cami Johnson

Ciencia en Acción 2022

We are so proud of our Science in Action (SIA) students and the support of their parents and our faculty that helped this past year. Not only were we able to do SIA again, but last Spring we hosted the first ever Ciencia en Utah event which was a huge success. Thanks to all that helped with that event.

Then this October the Science in Action Expo was held in Barcelona Spain. We had several 4th, 5th and 6th grade students that were able to travel with their parents and a few faculty chaperones. While in Barcelona the group was able to visit culturally significant sites as part of the trip.

Please congratulate the following students for their selection and participation in SIA-Barcelona 2022:

Derly D.
Jacen F.
William V.
Aiden H.
Finleigh H.
Sophia H.
Natalia Losik
Lucy V.
Maren J.
William R.
Also a former NDPA student Calvin M.

The following students won and were recognized at SIA:

William V. 1er premio en Astronomía
Sophia H. 1er premio en Geología
Maren J. Ganador de Mención de Honor en Astronomía
Finleigh H.
Ganador de Mención de Honor en Astrofísica
Natalia L. Ganador en Mención de Honor en Puesta en Escena

Thanks for your support this year: Jose Manuel Escobero, Ana Pizarro, Ana Anthony, Adrian Méndez, Norka Jorges and Jessica Bryant

Pre-selected (10% of all projects) are in:
Final act of the Jury: