Dear NDPA Parents,

There has been a lot of buzz going on about the coming eclipse on Monday, August 21…we have to admit, we’re pretty excited too!

As the students will be in school that day, we would like to help them participate in this special solar event but would also like to give you the opportunity to withhold your child if you do not feel it will be safe. To protect your student’s eyes from potential solar damage, we have obtained “eclipse approved” glasses for students who have parental permission to view the solar eclipse.

YOU MUST FILL OUT AND RETURN THE PERMISSION SLIP that teachers will send home on Friday, August 18 (or print your own using the link below) if you would like your student to view the eclipse with the eclipse glasses NDPA will provide. This permission slip must be turned in by the morning of Monday, August 21.

NDPA will have indoor recess all day on Monday. Students who have not been given permission to view the eclipse will not be allowed to go outside during the school day on Monday, August 21. Teachers will take students who have returned the permission slip outside for a short time during the eclipse.

Please take some time to review the following information from Clark Planetarium and talk with your family about the safety information included. Clark Planetarium Safety & Viewing Tips:

NDPA Administration

View a printable version of the permission form: