• Immersion Application closes today
  • Jr. High Spring Dance – help needed TOMORROW!
  • POET wants your opinion
  • Last Spirit Friday next week, May 19
  • Check your student lunch account
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Drivers, Field Day, & Flags
  • Calling All Alumni
  • Upcoming Events & Looking Ahead
  • Annual calendars & Marquee Greetings

2017-18 IMMERSION APPLICATION CLOSES TODAY – The NDPA Spanish Immersion program is available to students attending grades 1-6. This selection process allows currently enrolled Exposure students to apply for a Spanish Immersion opening, starting in the 2017-2018 school year. Each student interested in the immersion program must submit a separate application. The first round of applicants will be notified by email on May 22, 2017. Ongoing acceptance will be as openings in Immersion become available.

To apply for Immersion for the 2017-18 school year, go to this link:

NOTE: If your student is already in our Immersion Program, you need not reapply.

JR HIGH SPRING DANCE – URGENT! Volunteers needed tomorrow, May 13th, to help with the Jr. High Spring Dance. We need volunteers to help set up, chaperone, and clean up. Please visit today to sign up. Thank you!

POET WANTS YOUR OPINION – Parents, we need your ideas! This survey will take 5 minutes and will be a guiding force for POET decisions. Data is collected anonymously, click on the link and let your voice be heard:

SPIRIT FRIDAY May 19 – Single Color Day: Every year we have a color day, but we usually pick the color. This year, YOU pick the color. Do you own a lot of purple? Wear it all today! Are you a fan of chartreuse? Today’s your day to shine (literally). Your goal is simply to wear as much of one color as you can.

CHECK YOUR STUDENT LUNCH ACCOUNT – It’s getting close! This time of year can get very busy with all that is going on. If you would like one less thing to worry about, now would be a great time to check your student’s account and pay to the end of the year.

  • Full pay students 7-9 grade $26.00
  • Full pay students k-6 grade $20.00
  • Reduced lunch all grades $4.00

Please check your child’s lunch account on Aspire to make sure they are not negative:


  • SCI-OLY CAMP DRIVERS: Science Olympiad is looking for volunteers & vehicles to get students to and from Moab on May 19, returning May 22. Anyone who is interested, please signup: If you have questions, contact Mr. Fernandez.
  • LAST DAY FLAG SET-up/TAKE DOWN: Parents, we need your help setting up and taking down flags for the last day of school. This is a great opportunity to get those last minute volunteer hours in. Sign up to help in the morning on May 26th @ 6:00 to setup USA and Spanish flags, it should only take about 1 hour AND/OR you can signup to help at 1:30 that afternoon to take them down. Parent’s signing up will meet with Mr. Fernandez in the Jr High:

If you need help inputting your hours, combining multiple email records, or making sense of what you’ve got, contact Rebecca Miner at You can get a report of all your personal volunteer hours, including generic and classroom/event hours by following this link: and a report will be emailed to you.

CALLING ALL ALUMNI – Calling all alumni! Thursday, May 25, from 5:00-6:00 PM, we’ll be hosting an alumni night. Come hang out with some old faces and talk to your favorite (and even your least favorite) teachers. at 6:00 PM, we’ll be transitioning downstairs to La Noche, where you are welcome to join us in celebrating our newest alumni. Grab an alumni friend and we’ll see you there!


Monday, May 15 – AFTER-SCHOOL: EcoGeeks
Tuesday, May 16 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Spirit Squad
Wednesday, May 17 – Music Theater & Social Dance Dress Rehearsal, 7:00 AM
Wednesday, May 17 – AFTER-SCHOOL: FBLA, Bagpipes (4:30-5:15)
Wednesday, May 17 – 2017-18 Student Government meeting, 3:20-4:30 PM
Wednesday, May 17 – Musical Theater & Social Dance Performance, 6:30 PM
Thursday, May 18 – AFTER SCHOOL: Jr. High Book Club
Thursday, May 18 – Soccer Banquet, 5:00 PM
Friday, May 19 – Science Olympiad Campout
Friday, May 19 – Spirit Friday: Single Color Day
Friday, May 19 – 4th grade Rendezvous
Friday, May 19 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Music Club, EcoGeeks,
Saturday, May 20 – Volleyball, 10:00 AM

Monday, May 22 – Field Day
Tuesday, May 23 – Jr. High Flamenco Workshop, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Wednesday, May 24 – Hr. High Locker Selection, 7:45-8:30 AM & during lunch
Wednesday, May 24 – 9th grade Lagoon day
Wednesday, May 24 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Techno Club, Spirit Squad, Bagpipes (4:30-5:15)
Thursday, May 25 – 4th grade field trip, meet at CLearfield FrontRunner station at 8:30 AM, returns 3:36 PM
Thursday, May 25 – 6th grade Etiquette Lunch
Thursday, May 25 – Alumni Hour, 5:00-6:00 PM; La Noche, 6:00-8:00 PM
Friday, May 26 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
Saturday, May 27 – Volleyball, 10:00 AM


  • POET Volunteer Appreciation Party @ Roy Aquatic Center, Wednesday, May 31, 6:30-8:30 PM. Be sure to get your 30 hours logged so you can come swim with us. “Fry Guy” food truck will be there too!