• NDPA Presents: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Tonight & Tomorrow
  • Kindergarten Lunch: Thursday, May 11
  • Spirit Fridays
  • Immersion Application closes Friday, May 12
  • Library Books: Fines administered Monday
  • Check your student lunch account
  • EcoGeeks need your painting help
  • Volunteer Hours List + Volunteer Opportunities
  • Jr. High Spring Dance – help needed
  • Upcoming Events & Looking Ahead
  • Annual calendars & Marquee Greetings

NDPA PRESENTS: JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat musical general admission tickets can be purchased for $5 at the box office right before each show. Showtimes are TONIGHT, Friday, May 5 at 7:00 PM and TOMORROW, Saturday, May 6 at 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM.

KINDERGARTEN LUNCH: THURSDAY, MAY 11 – We know change can sometimes make you a little nervous and we want you to be prepared for a great lunch. Come join us in the lunchroom to see what it’s like! Parents are welcome to join their kindergarten student on that day. Click here to download a kinder lunch participation form:

  • Wednesday, May 10 – students come with your class to see where you will eat, hear how to go through the line, and meet the friendly lunch staff.
  • THURSDAY, MAY 11 – EAT in the Lion’s Den Café so you’ll be ready for next year (parents welcome).


  • May 12- Celebrity Day: Come dressed as your favorite celebrity! Carry a stuffed animal in a handbag, do your hair in outrageous styles, bust our your best animal prints– the possibilities are endless. Again, please make sure that students are fully covered, even if you have to put a shirt or leggings underneath an outfit.
  • May 19- Single Color Day: Every year we have a color day, but we usually pick the color. This year, YOU pick the color. Do you own a lot of purple? Wear it all today! Are you a fan of chartreuse? Today’s your day to shine (literally). Your goal is simply to wear as much of one color as you can.

2017-18 IMMERSION APPLICATION OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY, MAY 12 – The NDPA Spanish Immersion program is available to students attending grades 1-6. This selection process allows currently enrolled Exposure students to apply for a Spanish Immersion opening, starting in the 2017-2018 school year. Each student interested in the immersion program must submit a separate application. The first round of applicants will be notified by email on May 22, 2017. Ongoing acceptance will be as openings in Immersion become available.

To apply for Immersion for the 2017-18 school year, go to this link: – The application process will close Friday, May 12.

NOTE: If your student is already in our Immersion Program, you need not reapply. They will continue in the Immersion program each year.

LIBRARY BOOKS: FINES ADMINISTERED MONDAY – The library has officially closed for the school year. To avoid being fined, please return all books as soon as possible. As a reminder, yearbooks are held until all fines are paid.

CHECK YOUR STUDENT LUNCH ACCOUNT – It’s getting close! This time of year can get very busy with all that is going on. If you would like one less thing to worry about, now would be a great time to check your student’s account and pay to the end of the year.

  • Full pay students 7-9 grade $36.00
  • Full pay students k-6 grade $30.00
  • Reduced lunch all grades $6.00

Please check your child’s lunch account and make sure they are not negative.

ECOGEEKS NEED YOUR HELP! Our newspaper recycling bin has now become a mural for us to do with as we please. So to make it less ugly, and more a statement of EcoGeeks and our school, we have set a goal to paint the entire dumpster in a mural that EcoGeeks have designed. But to be able to paint a metal dumpster, that is outside all day, takes some skill and expertise, and specialized equipment. If you, or anyone you know would be willing to help EcoGeeks complete this goal, please contact Ms. Adams today!


To view a report of recorded volunteer hours as of May 3, 2017, click here;

NOTE: As part of our school charter, NDPA is required to make an accounting of each year’s volunteer hours via a report to the State. Each family is accountable for 30 hours. We also use volunteer hours as part of our Immersion Lottery, to determine Spain Scholarships, and for admittance to our Volunteer Appreciation Party (this year’s will be held on Wednesday, May 31).

If you need help inputting your hours, combining multiple email records, or making sense of what you’ve got, contact Rebecca Miner at You can get a report of all your personal volunteer hours, including generic and classroom/event hours by following this link: and a report will be emailed to you.

We still need volunteers at:

JR. HIGH SPRING DANCE – HELP NEEDED: Ms. Anderson is in need of volunteers to help set up, chaperone, and clean up for the Jr. High Spring Dance. The dance will be Saturday, May 13, from 7:00-9:00 PM. Dress is semi-formal. Set up will be from 3:00-5:00 PM. If you are available, go to and sign up to help. The kids have worked hard this year, let’s make this a great evening for them.


Monday, May 8-Friday, May 12 – Student Government Campaign Week
Monday, May 8 – 2018 Spain Study Abroad commitment forms due
Monday, May 8 – AFTER-SCHOOL: EcoGeeks, Volleyball
Wednesday, May 10 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Techno Club, Spirit Squad, Bagpipes (4:30-5:15)
Wednesday, May 10 – POET meeting, 6:30 PM
Thursday, May 11 – Kindergarten lunch, AM classes 10:15, PM classes 12:30
Thursday, May 11 – Faculty vs Student volleyball game, 4:00-5:00 PM
Friday, May 12 – Immersion applications CLOSE
Friday, May 12 – Spirit Friday: Celebrity Day
Friday, May 12 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Music Club, EcoGeeks, Spirit Squad
Friday, May 12 – “Joseph” cast party, 7:00 PM
Saturday, May 13 – Volleyball, 10:00 AM
Saturday, May 13 – Jr. High Spring Dance, 7:00-9:00 PM

Monday, May 15 – AFTER-SCHOOL: EcoGeeks
Tuesday, May 16 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Spirit Squad
Wednesday, May 17 – Music Theater & Social Dance Dress Rehearsal, 7:00 AM
Wednesday, May 17 – AFTER-SCHOOL: FBLA, Bagpipes (4:30-5:15)
Wednesday, May 17 – 2017-18 Student Government meeting, 3:20-4:30 PM
Wednesday, May 17 – Musical Theater & Social Dance Performance, 6:30 PM
Thursday, May 18 – AFTER SCHOOL: Jr. High Book Club
Thursday, May 18 – Soccer Banquet, 5:00 PM
Friday, May 19 – Science Olympiad Campout
Friday, May 19 – Spirit Friday: Single Color Day
Friday, May 19 – 4th grade Rendezvous
Friday, May 19 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Music Club, EcoGeeks,
Friday, May 19 – Student Government Social, 1:30-3:00 PM
Saturday, May 20 – Volleyball, 10:00 AM


  • Monday, May 22 – Field Day
  • Friday, May 26 – Last day of school