• NDPA Hoodies Delivered
  • Library books must be turned in before Winter Break
  • NDPA Kindergarten Food Bank Collection
  • Yearbooks – Be sure to order before the price goes up!
  • NDPA Marquee Greetings
  • NDPA Science Fair 2017 – deadline to turn in packets December 12
  • Science speakers needed December 12-16
  • Help Wanted: Cafeteria
  • After School Zumba
  • Dance Co. Food Bank Collection
  • NDPA L.E.O. (Let’s Eat Out) Night (formerly “Spirit Night”) January 6 at Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • NDPA In the News: NDPA student awarded scholarship from UESP

– Hoodies are Here! Hoodies were delivered to homeroom classes on Monday, November 28, for students to take home. Any remaining or gifted hoodies are in the office of the Jr. High or Elementary buildings. If you have any concerns with your hoodie order, please contact Kristen Tate at NO LATER than TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6. A final correction order will be placed by this date, this will be the only opportunity available to fix any errors on your order. We hope your students enjoy staying warm in and out of the classroom wearing their school hoodie!

Don’t forget to mark your child’s name on their hoodie so they can tell theirs apart from others. Thank you to all those who ordered this year!

TURN IN LIBRARY BOOKS BEFORE WINTER BREAK – Please make sure your student returns all library books BEFORE DECEMBER 16. They will be able to check out books again after the break.

NDPA KINDERGARTEN FOOD BANK COLLECTION – NDPA kindergarten is doing a service project this Christmas for the Food Bank in our area. It comes in 2 parts:

  1. On Thursday, December 8, we are asking all who come to the Kindergarten Christmas Concert to bring 2 cans of food that evening for the Food Bank.
  2. On Friday, December 9, we would like all students to bring 2 cans of food for the Food Bank. There will be a large box at the front of the school to place them in.

Thank you all for supporting our kindergarten in this donation opportunity.


Don’t be like the Cowardly Lion, buy an Elementary Yearbook!
To Order go to
school code- 20030
or call 866-287-3095
ON SALE now for $14 until Dec.16th
Price goes up to $18 until March 3rd
Contact Audrey Laser
or Shelly Madsen

Cherish your Jr. High Memories forever! Buy a 2016-’17 Jr. High Yearbook Now!
ON SALE FOR $22 until Dec. 16th
Prices go up to $26 til March 3rd
Order at
Jr. High Order Code-16104
or by calling

Have pictures that you want to submit for the Elementary Yearbook?
Download them to
school code- NDPALions
*case sensitive

Submit your photos for 2016-’17 NDPA JR. High Yearbooks!
To download your pix go to
School Code-ndpajuniorhigh

NDPA MARQUEE GREETINGS – Want to wish your child happy birthday, 1/2 birthday, or congratulate them for an accomplishment? Now you can see their name in lights on the new NDPA marquee! The cost for each post is $10, for each day you want it posted. Click here to see options:

  • All marquee requests need to be made seven days prior to when you want it posted on the marquee.
  • Fill out the online form and make your payments
  • Any questions email

NDPA SCIENCE FAIR 2017 – Click this link to see the Science Fair Packet for NDPA’s annual Science Fair:! Please make note, I have greatly reduced the information in this packet and hopefully made it more user friendly. Also a few things have changed from last year:

  • The science fair date is now the last Wednesday in January, January 25, 2017.
  • Set up will be on the same day as science fair so your students will bring their boards to the junior high gym on the same day as the fair.
  • Registration forms are due December 12 before the break.

SCIENCE SPEAKERS NEEDED – We are hosting science speakers during the week of December 12-16, and have times available each day. Please let us know when you are available and would like to come in and we’ll match you up with a class. Contact Rhonda Adams,

The idea of you speaking to our students is to get them excited about careers in science. Also to show real world applications for the concepts they are learning. What we would like you to do is to prepare a short 20-30 minute presentation and activity to do with the students that has to do with your career field. The presentation should be no longer than 5 to 10 minutes, with the rest of the time for your activity. If you would like more time that can be arranged, just let me know. To see more information about the event, click here:

HELP WANTED: CAFETERIA – we are looking for someone in the kitchen to work 3 -5 days a week, 3 hours a day. Must love to have fun, enjoy students, and work. To apply, contact LaRetta Foxley (801) 336-3601 or


  • After-School ZUMBA for K-6 grades
    Sign-up at the POET Desks beginning December 5.
    Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 PM
    January 5,12,19,26 and February 2,9.
    Elementary Gym
    Cost is $10, put payment in the POET Box.

DANCE CO. FOOD BANK COLLECTION – Dance Co. has combined with student council to collect food for the Utah Food Bank. Please bring your food donations by December 16, there will be collection boxes in the lobbies of both buildings.

NDPA L.E.O. NIGHT – NDPA Spirit Night has been changed to L.E.O. (Let’s Eat Out) Nights (it’s a play on the NDPA mascot Leo the Lion). Please look for signs and announcements letting you know when each LEO Night will be. These are such fun family activities for kids of all ages to get together and hang out outside of school!

Mark your calendars, the next LEO night will be Friday, January 6, from 3:00-9:00 PM at Chuck E. Cheese’s in Layton!

NDPA IN THE NEWS: Congratulations to Walker Heiner, one of the winners of the UESP book mark contest! Walker was awarded a UESP scholarship. To read more about the award, see here:


Monday, December 5 – AFTER-SCHOOL: EcoGeeks, Basketball practice
Monday, December 5 – Girls Basketball HOME GAME vs Legacy Prep (2214 S 1250 W, Wood Cross), 5:00 PM
Monday, December 5 – Boys Basketball HOME GAME vs Spectrum Academy (22 S 650 W, Farmington), 5:00 PM
Monday, December 5 – After School Choir Performance, 6:30 PM
Tuesday, December 6 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball
Wednesday, December 7 – AFTER-SCHOOL: FBLA, Basketball, Bagpipe Band (4:30), Cheer (6:00)
Wednesday, December 7 – Boys & Girls Basketball HOME game vs Ogden Prep, Girls 5:00 PM, Boys 6:00 PM
Wednesday, December 7 – NDPA Board Mtg., 5:00 PM, elementary library
Thursday, December 8 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball
Thursday, December 8 – Kindergarten program, 6:30 PM
Friday, December 9 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball, Music Club, EcoGeeks, Dance, Cheer (3:30), Volleyball open gym (5:30)
Saturday, December 10 – Cheer practice, 8:00 AM
Saturday, December 10 – Volleyball open-gym, 10:00 AM

Monday, December 12 – Science Fair packets due
Monday, December 12 – AFTER-SCHOOL: EcoGeeks, Basketball, Volleyball open-gym (5:30-7:00 PM)
Tuesday, December 13 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball
Wednesday, December 14 – 3rd & 6th Holiday Lunch with Parents, 3rd grade at 12:05 PM, 6th grade at 11:53 AM
Wednesday, December 14 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Techno Club, Basketball. Bagpipe Band (4:30), Cheer (6:00)
Wednesday, December 14 – POET meeting, 6:30 PM
Thursday, December 15 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball, Jr. High Book Club
Friday, December 16 – LAST DAY TO ORDER YEARBOOKS at lower price
Friday, December 16 – Jr. High Giving Dance, 1:00-3:30 PM
Friday, December 16 – AFTER-SCHOOL: Basketball, Music Club, EcoGeeks, Dance, Cheer (3:30), Volleyball open gym (5:30)
Saturday, December 17 – Cheer practice, 8:00 AM
Saturday, December 17 – Volleyball open-gym, 10:00 AM

LOOKING FORWARD: Winter Break – December 16-January 2