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Board of Directors

Board Constitution

  • We will Govern, not Manage. We will set the direction and goals for the school, but we will not micromanage the day to day administration of the school.
  • We will speak with "One Voice". We will recognize that our authority is only valid as a group and not as individuals. We will not use our position on the Board to promote our own personal agendas.
  • We will make the Spanish language a key element of our school.
  • We will make decisions that will keep NDPA financially stable.
  • We will review our Charter before making any dramatic changes to school policy.

Board Meetings

All North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA) Board of Directors Meetings are open to the public. Meetings and agendas are posted at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance and include the time and location. NDPA follows the Utah Open Meetings Act. If you are interested in receiving an automatic e-mail or RSS feed whenever the NDPA Board of Directors will be having a public meeting, you may visit the Utah Public Meeting Notice website and search for North Davis Preparatory Academy.

Meeting minutes are also made available to the public by request. To request a written copy of board meeting minutes or an audio recording of an open meeting, please email your request to:

2021-2022 Board Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes Closed Session Agenda Closed Session Affidavit Description
03/09/2022         Electronic Board Meeting
06/01/2022         Annual Board Meeting
06/29/2022         Electronic Board Meeting

Financial Oversight

The Governing Board oversees the financial health of North Davis Preparatory Academy. All budgets are approved by the Governing Board and published on the Utah Public Finance Website.

In accordance with Utah Code Ann. Section 53G-7-309, the governing board receives a budget report each month. This budget report includes the following information: (i) the amounts of all budget appropriations; (ii) the disbursements from the appropriations as of the date of the report; and (iii) the percentage of the disbursements as of the date of the report. The report is also available for public review. To receive a copy of a budget report(s), please email your request to Budget reports will be made available within five (5) business days of the request.

The Board Audit Committee is comprised of the President and Financial Coordinator.