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North Davis Preparatory Academy offers various careers in education. Work hours and salary schedule are comparable to the local district. Interested and qualified candidates should apply via Teachers-Teachers

Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher

North Davis Preparatory Academy seeks a Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher in Layton, Utah. North Davis Preparatory Academy (NDPA) is a Utah public charter school with grades K-9, with a Spanish language focus where most middle school students spend 35-45% of the school day with a Spanish-speaking teacher receiving instruction exclusively in the Spanish language. In 2010, the Ministry of Education of Spain designated NDPA as the first International Spanish Academy (ISA) in Utah. Because of this prestigious honor, NDPA currently employs 14 visiting teachers from Spain. These attributes of NDPA make it essential to require that the person filing this position has a demonstrated ability to communicate fluently and effectively (oral and written) in Spanish. The individual will instruct students in a dual language immersion setting at the middle school level at a State charter school and International Spanish Academy (ISA) with an emphasis on Spanish language, arts, and culture. The individual’s job duties will consist of, but not be limited to, the following: (1) Instruct students in health and physical education as part of the core curriculum in Spanish and English using various teaching methods and pedagogy typically used by schools in Spain and the United States (70%); (2) Adapt teaching methods, pedagogy, and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests (10%); (3) Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among students (5%); (4) Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress and to determine priorities for their children and their resource needs (5%); (5) Observe and evaluate students' performance, behavior, social development, and physical health, and preparation for later grades (5%); (6) Support administration in communicating policy and procedure to other health and physical education teachers (3%); and (7) Such other duties and responsibilities as assigned (2%). Requirements: 1) Bachelor’s degree in Education, Physical Education, or related field. Employer will accept a Bachelor's degree equivalent based on a combination of education and experience as determined by a professional credential evaluation service; 2) 24 months of experience working as a Teacher (Elementary, Secondary, or Post-Secondary); 3) Hold a valid Utah State Teaching License in Secondary Education (Level II or higher), or currently possess all qualifications to obtain such license within 90 days of the date of hire; 4) demonstrated ability to communicate fluently and effectively (oral and written) in Spanish; 5) demonstrated mastery-level knowledge of the teaching methods and pedagogy typically used in United States and Spanish schools; 6) demonstrated ability and willingness to implement and, as necessary, adapt the Spanish language curriculum; and 7) demonstrated commitment to professional growth in education, teaching methods, and strategies. Send resumes to: North Davis Preparatory Academy via email

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North Davis Preparatory Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provider. Please read our USDA Non-Discrimination Statement for more information.